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My name is Matt Cleary-Smith, CEO of Infinity Drumming

I teach beginner or struggling drummers to become confident, creative, musical and GIG READY through "creative conditioning" without wasting time on endless exercises that don't help you to flow and play your favourite songs!

  • Studied privately/directly with some of the premiere drum teachers alive today, including 2 Berklee professors

  • Was a coaching assistant and examiner for Berklee Professor Henrique De Almeida

  • Official Group Expert for Drummers Universe, one of the largest drumming communities online today with more than 100k members​

  • Head drum workshop leader for nearly 10 years for Absolute Music; one of the biggest music stores in the UK. Created the most popular annual music workshop they have ever had to date. With as many as 360 people attending in a single day (I needed a long bath after these)

  • Have taught as many as 93 students privately in one to one lessons at one time, and helped thousands of students over the last decade in person and in groups​

  • Paid to play shows as a drummer since 1996, and teaching drums as a career for over a decade!

Want to Know More?

Let's Go Into Even MORE Detail...

Do you practise and practise, and still find yourself unable to flow and confidently jam out with your favourite songs or with friends?

Do you fear someone asking you to play a solo or create a drum part for their song?

The problem is, a lot of people never feel confident as drummers because they can’t flow musically!

They have to THINK every time they want to play a musical phrase or part.

They have to copy what others play, and can’t intuitively play parts that sound great.

Which means you can only play the songs you’ve learned note for note... and you have to play them the same every time!

What I discovered and developed is a new way to help someone rapidly learn, which I call: 

“Creative Conditioning”

With Creative Conditioning, you build your own style and technique with bite sized building blocks that you then apply to a whole bunch of common musical phrases.

This is how drummers get to the point where they don’t think, they just play.

This is how you can build the foundation to be a musical drummer.

Just like how you don’t think about breathing, you just do it. It becomes a part of you, and you can just focus on playing instead of mechanics.

How it works:

Step 1(&2): Building Blocks (Foundational Skills and Strategic Vocabulary)

Efficiently Develop Your Speed, Time, Rhythm, Control and Your Musical Ear

Learn how to put drumming ideas in your muscle memory FAST

Stop locking up, and play freely around the kit with hands and feet

Internalize all the essential building blocks to play musical phrases

Step 3: Build Your Creative “Phrasing” (Phrasing Formulas)

Condition your mind and body to flow along with any musical phrase without thinking

Play the any style or genre you want intuitively, so you can jam along easily

Develop fluid phrase based, grooves, fills and soloing skills that are tasteful and sound great with music

Step 4: Unlock Musical Flow (Improvisation Drills, Voice Development and Musical Modelling)

Learn how to respond with your own unique musical ideas by ear without getting in your head!

You can listen to any song and know exactly how to play to match the style

You can improvise freely without thought in songs, and in solos

Study the greats and learn the WHY of their musical decisions, so you too can write killer parts for songs

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